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Resources for coping with anxiety and stress:

1) This free hypnotherapy recording by Trevor Silvester:
"As someone who believes in the power of the mind/body connection, I offer this as a way of guiding your body to its most powerful response to infection, and as a way of training your mind toward a resilient mindset in the face of major uncertainty – the thing our brains hate most. 
Stress can be the biggest drain on our immune system, so simply taking the time to unplug from your day and listening to this gives it a break. Please share with whoever you think would benefit." 
Relax, lay down, and imagine along with Immunity Shield Booster

Need help with a New Year resolution or a change of direction? Hypnotherapy can help change old patterns that no longer work for you. 

Reductions are available this January only. Mention 'my discount' in your first email or text for £30 discount on QHHT, and £20 off all forms of hypnotherapy.
New year, new start!
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