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'I'm not good enough'

You've seen the torrent of TV programmes - whether it be dancing, singing, cooking, sewing or woodwork… stressed out contestants endure a gruelling set of obstacles to show perfection to a panel of critical experts, and only one wins the prize.

Some people attend a string of courses, workshops and therapists throughout their lives, in an attempt to improve their life and become a better person. Let alone all the social influencers giving a thousand tips on self-improvement.

How about this? You are good enough, you are enough, you have characteristics and talents others don't have, while other areas are challenging like everyone else.

At the root of many of our issues is a subconscious feeling of "I'm not good enough." Many humans seem to naturally feel this way without realising. It could come from generations of ancestral struggle and conditioning. This can be changed.

Become aware of your thoughts, and consciously replace the negative chatter with a positive. Start to be kind to yourself. Whats the point of punishing yourself? Recently a young woman came to see me who, as a result of bullying at school and a critical parent, felt very down about herself and sometimes it would stop her socialising. Once we found out the causes, her higher self told her this: "Most people are actually more concerned with how they feel about themselves to be looking at you in the way you think."


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