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I want you to know that ever since I did my past life reading I haven’t felt depressed like I used to before. I think it really helped me get to the root cause, which was the best blessing. It was the best purchase I made in 2022. 
Kwame, London

"I want to say thank you for such an amazing experience, and would like to send my gratitude regarding your kindness and compassion in my time of need."

Aliyah, Ealing

I guess your presence works great for me because Ive never experienced what happened in our session with anybody." Rosa, Islington


"There has been a long-lasting effect from your work, I feel a weight has been lifted and have much more balance. I'm really pleased I came to see you."
John, York

"I had a Qhht session with this incredible lady a week ago. So far so many things in my life have been aligning and make sense. She has such an incredible energy to her and really cares, she listens to everything you say without judgement. I find it hard to open up and talk about my feelings but I actually felt glad to let out my feelings.

It was one of the best things I've done in my life. Jacqui's so talented at hypnotherapy and really knows how to find the exact cause of life events, and why you might be feeling a certain way.

I found answers to big questions I couldn't find by myself. The past life experience was beyond my imagination and Jacqui's s amazing at navigating through the events, and knows exactly which questions to ask to help you get the most out of your experience. 
Before this I was dissatisfied with my life but it showed me to go more with the flow. I found hope in this session and learned to find my own voice. I cannot recommend this enough, especially with such an incredible therapist. Thankyou so much Jacqui. Gizem, London

"Thanks so much for your work on me yesterday, you gave me a spring clean.
Also I'm feeling more grounded, decisive and connected with insights to guide me."
Viv, Stoke Newington

 'After the QHHT session something has definately changed... I feel more relaxed and myself, at work in particular. Amazing! Thanks so much.' Kate – Kentish Town


“I decided to try hypnotherapy after a friend was telling me how successful it had been for him, and contacted Jacqui in relation to issues of procrastination, lack of confidence, anxiety and fear of something bad happening.
Despite taking help from other professionals that were unsuccessful, Jacqui very quickly put me at ease. I found her really easy to talk to and she explained the process of hypnotherapy to me clearly and recommended a specific form of the therapy to suit me. When I was walking from the bus stop to her studio about five minutes for the first time I was very nervous and anxious, and was wondering how could she get me out of my problems. But Jacqui made me feel safe and relaxed and I very quickly saw results after a four hour session.
When I was walking back to the bus stop afterwards I felt I was a different person with great energy and there’s a new hope for my future. It was a nice feeling and I wish I'd done this years ago. I feel much more confident and calm and the improvement in my self-worth is reflected in the choices I now make. Jacqui has left me with tools to help me continue my positive journey and I am looking forward to see her again for another session while thanking her for getting me back on track.”
Dave W, Hendon


'Having never tried past life therapy before, I imagined it to be quite dramatic and potentially a bit frightening. In reality it turned out to be quite gentle and felt surprisingly easy and natural. I got answers to all the questions we had prepared before the sessions, but the most significant aspect was the subtle sense of being more myself somehow. More secure, mature, more at ease...' Aisha P, Islington 


'Jacqui gave me 2 Skype sessions to help me clarify what I wanted to do in terms of a job.  The first session helped me work out what I really wanted to focus on and the important things to me. 
Before the session lots of thoughts had been whirling around in my head and I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do.  Afterwards I felt much more focused. The amazing thing that followed this session was an influx of interviews all in one week which made me feel more confident.  The second session helped me increase my confidence for the new job which I have now managed to get (the job that I wanted) and I'm looking forward to it.'
Julia S – Islington


'Thankyou so much for my session which seemed to tie in with my current anxiety and confidence issues. As soon as I got home my
son commented on how calm I was. And when I rang a good friend the first thing she said was, 'You sound like your old self again.' I feel happier inside my head. Listening to the tape, I’m amazed there were more things I remember that I didn’t say. The past life regression helped me get a perspective on my anxiety and helped me appreciate life more. I see it as a turning point.'
Jo - Finsbury Park


 'I've been interested in hypnosis and past life regression for a long time and often thought about booking a session, but with ongoing mental health issues, I was nervous about hypnosis and giving an unknown therapist any form of control over me. When I heard Jacqui was a hypnotherapist I jumped at the chance to experience past life regression and hypnosis.
My original reason for the session was merely curiosity. I was curious to see if hypnosis would work on me and if indeed I did have any past lives. I was somewhat shocked to discover that I did have past lives! The session lasted around three hours, but the time flew by for me, as Jacqui made it fun and fascinating. A knowledgeable, wise and professional therapist.'
Samantha P - Croydon

'I was slightly dubious about the past-life hypnotherapy before I tried it, but knew that hypnosis was beneficial as I had tried it before so thought I would give it a go. Straightaway Jacqui made me feel very comfortable and at ease – the whole experience was actually very relaxing and I managed to travel back to two past life experiences. Prior to the hypnotherapy I was anxious about a couple of things as I had just been made redundant. However, I noticed that after a day or two I was surprisingly relaxed about my situation and the future - and this experience continues. I would recommend this to anyone troubled by worries or anxieties. Jacqui is very professional and effective in her work. I feel like Ive been on a psychological holiday and I'm not worried about being made redundant now.' James W - Cambridge


'Jacqui was very adept at putting me at ease and I found the session to be extremely relaxing and soothing. I was a little sceptical at first but was surprised as the session unfolded and my mind went to places I couldn’t have imagined before. I had been experiencing a feeling of being stuck in a job I disliked and generally disengaged from life for a very long time, and the session was very important in what it revealed to me. The regression seemed to hone in particularly on the feeling of disengagement and the outcome of living an unfulfilled life. I have since gone on to find a job that I am happy in and have taken on new challenges with a clearer understanding of the importance of being actively engaged in my own life, instead of waiting for life to happen to me.' Samira K - Slough​

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