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Reconnect with the Real You

I help people like you who want to move forward in life, but are stuck, confused and at a crossroads, to empower yourself, reconnect with your soul intuition and see your life journey with clarity. Transforming you into who you truly want to be.

Past-Life Regression, QHHT & BQH
Bringing together 12 years of hypnotherapy experience, in-person training with Dolores Cannon a decade ago, cognitive hypnotherapy and NLP, plus thousands of sessions for the best results.
  • which is the best path to take?
  • career and relationship issues - 
    understanding repeating patterns
  • releasing blocks to fulfilment and goals
  • repeating dreams or nightmares
  • understanding unusual occurrences
  • clearer connection with higher self
Cognitive Hypnotherapy & NLP
Using the latest techniques in hypnotherapy
and NLP.

  • career stress and anxiety
  • confidence building
  • creative blocks
  • healing childhood hurt and this life regression
  • finding the root of a repeating issue and releasing it
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