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I help people like you who want to move forward in life, but are stuck, confused or at a crossroads
to empower yourself, reconnect with your soul intuition and see your life journey with clarity.

Transforming you into who you truly want to be.

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The next step…

Please text or email me to arrange a 20 minute free phone consultation, I can answer any questions you may have, with no obligation. 

* Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT): £290.00 
our to five hours of magical soul work. 
   The process is recorded and face-to-face.


* Cognitive Hypnotherapy: £75 an hour
    Discount available for package:
    Three hours booked in advance: £210.00.


* Past life regression: £145
   Two hours of exploration.

Carers and care staff 10% discount.



How to pay: 
Full payment by bank transfer beforehand confirms your session.

Sliding scale of cost:

If you are undergoing difficult times financially a sliding cost scale is

available on proof of benefits, pension or low income.

Skill swaps could be an option.
Please discuss before making the appointment. 

Cancellations accepted 48 hours before the appointment only.

Find out more by email



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