Overcoming a phobia

Recently I worked with a teenage boy who needed help to overcome what had become a real health challenge, he had always had difficulties swallowing and drinking, but this was now becoming an issue as he needed to take pills from his doctor and was unable to do so. After taking him back on a timeline to see where this fear was coming from he saw images of swimming while still a youngster and his head bobbing under the water. Now his conscious mind understood where the phobia came from and he realised he was no longer in any danger the fears diminished, and I was pleased to hear that by the third week he was easily swallowing pills with water for the first time.

Staying calm and happy in a turbulent time

What with all the sudden shocks and changes going on in the world and the UK, many people are feeling stressed, anxious, panicked, sad or angry. I noticed that, after the Brexit result, more people were arguing on phones in the street, others were angrily taking their stress out on people online, and families and friends were having bitter arguments – sometimes for the first time ever. One of the ways I find useful in dealing with stressful or quickly-changing situations is to meditate. I'm more alert, calm and happy, and it helps me to deal with outside, unexpected stressors and people that thrive on drama. I take a few minutes out of my day to switch off the phone, put down the ipad, pu

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