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Past-life proof?

When I was first practicing QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) I was more interested in consciousness exploration, coupled with a curiosity about the power of the mind and the universe. I knew the hypnosis technique unlocked problems, removed blocks, gave clients illumination and a powerful message, but I didn’t know and couldn’t prove the existence of the soul and reincarnation. Recent sessions have actually left me stunned. Some clients have excitedly got back to me after checking details of what they saw in past lives on the internet - usually on their way home - to find photos and confirmation of the places, tribes and unusual objects that existed. Jo’s QHHT session began with her seeing a red ball surrounded by stars the universe, at first we did not know the significance but, as so often happens, it became clearer as events unfolded. She saw brown mountains and a dry earth around her, and when she looked down at herself in trance she saw an old man wearing a bearskin headdress and a long shell necklace. The red ball then evolved into part of the top of a wooden ceremonial stick. The man described himself as an elder, or one who performed ceremonies for births, deaths and healing. He gave tips on how to perform rituals, and when I asked the name of his tribe he replied, “Little Bear.” Although Jo could not answer where in the world he lived she said “I felt I was near the Colorado River.” Writing later that evening she told me: “I got a great deal from yesterday’s session, I really enjoyed it and meeting you.

I did a some research last night and found a Little Bear tribe who lived near the Colorado River. The cane with the red ball was used for animal spirit guides, and the life and death ceremonies they performed were the same as I visualised. There was a chief called Little Bear from that area and there is a lot recorded about him. So many details were the same, the landscape, dress and the war.”

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